Bone health is vital to the proper function of your body. X-rays are an easy and efficient way to examine your bones and joints. At Taylor Internal Medicine, we may recommend x-rays if you’re experiencing discomfort or pain in your body or if you’ve recently been diagnosed with a disease which would need to be monitored, such as osteoporosis. Our friendly staff will ensure a pleasant x-ray experience and you won’t have to wait long to discuss the results with one of our medical professionals.

How to Prepare for Your X-ray and How it’s Performed

X-rays can be done in our office, and you typically don’t need to do anything to prepare. If you need a contrast dye as part of your x-ray, we will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare. We suggest you wear comfortable, loose clothes and remove any jewelry and metallic items from your body before the scan. X-rays can be completed sitting, standing, or lying down, depending on the area of your body we need pictures of. Radiation is projected in small amounts in order to create the images of your bones. The level of radiation used is considered safe for adults. Once we have the images we need, the x-ray will be completed and we’ll have you follow up with a member of our team to go over the results.

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